Our kitchen


The menu is revised and integrated during all the year to serve only seasonal raw materials chosen among small Italian productions.

Each dish is designed and made with dedication and research.

A challenge aesthetic too looking for an Italian cuisine of high quality.


Speck and cheeses from the mountain hut Pretzhof with pickles of Baita


Smoked alpine char, Cansiglio’s ricotta, endive, pink grapefruit and salted almonds


Creamed codfish, corn bread crusts and green apple gel


Toc’ in Braide Soft polenta, duck egg at low temperature, cheese foam “3 latti”


The aubergine


Beef tartare, egg yolk Mares, marinated finferli and brioche bread with tyme


Veal and tuna, avocado and anchovies pan fried


Carnaroli with aglio orsino, alpine sausage and honey ice cream


Deer ravioli with foam of Graukäse, wild blueberry extract and finferli with rosemary


Verrigni Spaghetti with San Marzano and Pachino tomatoes, basil pesto and stracciatella di burrata


Cream of peas scented with mint with alpine yogurt and puffed quinoa


Potato gnocchi, carrot heart, rabbit’s gems and buffalo ricotta cheese


Onion au gratin soup with seasoned cheese Vezzena


Small spinach canederli with fondue Taleggio and crispy cabbage


Paccheri with marinated shrimps with lime and zucchini in bloom


Turbot in white wine Vermouth with a sauce of clams and sesame beans


veal cheek braised with mashed potatoes and crispy taccole


The summer vegetable garden in Baita


Beef fillet with spicy mustard with stewed red cabbage and mountain potatoes


Deer in the scents of the woods


Milan Cortina: Veal chop, Ratte potato and pan of crunchy vegetables


The lamb in three cookings: baked thimble, shoulder bowl, fried chop


Beef steak of Pretzhof hut and its side dishes


Caramelized pineapple with cream ice cream fresh strawberries and traditional vinegar


Millefeuille with pistachio cream and raspberry sorbet


Sponge cake, Illy coffee foam and creamed with mascarpone


Carrot pie, made with ginger and elderflower gelèe


Gianduia Cremino with yogurt mousse and Cardamom pears


Bourbon vanilla ice cream with caramel and nuts